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Web Design

At Asteroid Technologies we understand that having a website is not just about putting some content online, its about connecting with your customers and potential customers, its about showcasing your products and services, its about building relationships with your customers and marketing your brand. Components of a good website include:-

Responsive & Mobile Friendly.
Our websites are 100% responsive, meaning they work on mobile, tablets & desktop computers.This is important considering that more people access the internet through their phones than they do using their computers.

Content Marketing
Buyers are self-directed and content can help satisfy their quest for answers and enable you to direct them to solutions for their business problems. When visitors come to your website, the content is very important. The visitors need to get the info they were looking for and also have a better understanding of the goods and services you offer. Content marketing creates signals across the web that build credibility and authority with your audience.

Speed and Security
A good website should be fast. To increase the user experience, a website should load very fast without any delays. It should also be secure for the visitor to feel safe when they are browsing through.

Online Web Forms
Web forms are very important when it comes to getting the customer feedback, they are also used to enrol people by getting them to submit the required info. When the customer fills and submits a web form, you receive an email with the customers details as filled on the web form.

Google Maps
Once a customer visits your website and likes what they see, they may decide to pay you a visit. Thats why its important to embed google maps on your websites. With googles maps the customer can not only find your business location, but they can also plan their route to your location using GPS systems. Having your business on google maps also increases its chance to be found when people are using google search.

Social Media Integration
Social media helps get the word out about your business and then it provides you with the opportunity to grow relationships with your target audience.
This is done by creating content about your company or your products & services and then sharing the content on social media inorder to get reactions from your audience while creating an awareness.
Social media is also used to create traffic to your website thus promoting your website. This is done by directing people to your website straight from the social media posts.

Search Engine Optimization Management
A successful SEO strategy is made up of many parts and requires an integrated approach that merges content marketing, social media and conversion rate optimization. By combining these (and other) tactics together you are able to create an optimized, socialized, publicized and advertiser activated approach that will enable you to be the best answer, wherever your customers are searching.

Domain and Hosting

When it comes to hosting, there are factors to considered:-

● The reliability of the service provider in terms of server uptime.
● Server registrations and renewal charges.
● The bandwidth and disc space are also important depending on the type of your website.
● The server software version is also an important factor to consider.

Asteroid Technologies partners with the best telecommunication companies to make sure that our customers get nothing but the best when it comes to web hosting.

Asteroid Technologies
Fast, Friendly, Responsive, Websites.

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